Quand nous stérilisons une chienne et une chatte, nous sauvons des dizaines d'animaux de la misère

Guadeloupe chose to mass slaughter dogs, just as romania did.

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Stray animals management in Guadeloupe is dealt by an irresponsible, barbaric and inefficient politics. National and International associations say STOP.
For years, in order to manage efficiently the problem of dogs and cats spreading on the Island of Guadeloupe, animals protection associations offer their help to spay them and act on the long term.
NONE of the elected representatives (prefect, mayors, nor Regions) dared giving an answer to the projects sent by these associations.
Weirdly encouraged by the Veterinary Services Direction and the Region, elected representatives are choosing as a solution to generously distribute the incomes from their communal to dog pounds (private establishments) in order to eliminate stray dogs and cats!
A genocide which pays well and is still renewed!
A few years ago the commune of Baie Mahaut gave 100 000 euros each year to kill 100 dogs, this might still be actual, we don’t have more recent numbers.
Lastly, it is the commune of Morne à l’Eau which decides to give more than 320 euro per animal to the dog pound in order to kill 47 dogs, that is to say 15 000 euros ! These municipalities being symbolic of the wasting of the public money because all the municipalities give very important sums for both dog pounds of the island, for an ineffective and barbaric solution.
If councils have an obligation to possess a dog pound agreement, nothing prevents them from attributing a part of subsidies to a program of large-scale sterilization. All the propositions to the authorities in this direction stayed without answer to this day.
Each year, about 2000 to 3000 500 puppies are kill by dog pounds while 500 still born each day in Guadeloupe. No figures exist for cats . It is not only a despicable and unacceptable genocide but it is also a waste of public money and an irresponsible policy.
Such a financial management of public money is questionable and ethically catastrophic. At a time when we talk and care about animals well-being, the GUADELOUPE appears as a country with backward methods, turned to profit only, with no ethical nor empathetic behavior towards animals. It refers directly to the disastrous and corrupted image of Romania in its handling of stray dogs.
Local, national and international associations require a change in allocation of funds to organizations by allowing them to implement a sterilization program on the whole Guadeloupe, to allow them to recover stray animals, implement a public and effective awareness and adoption campaign.
Associations co-signatories
Guadeloupe Animaux
SPA Marie Galante et Guadeloupe
Fondation Brigitte Bardot;
One Voice - International;
Association L214 - Fr;
SPA Paris
FOUR PAWS – International;
Fondation Assistance aux Animaux - Paris - Fr;
Comité Radicalement Anti Corrida CRAC - Fr;
Ecovet Timisoara - Roumanie;
Protection Suisse Des Animaux PSA - Suisse;
Palawan Animal Welfare Association, Inc. Philippines;
Adeo Animalis - Fr;
Association I.D.A.E. - Fr;
Fédération française de Protection Animale - Fr;
Association “ Les chats de Stella” Vence 06 - Fr;
"NALA nos amis les animaux" - Marseille - Fr;
Association Combactive - Dijon - Fr;
Association Chev-Ane - Fr;
Refuge Canin Lotois (Cahors, 46) - Fr;
Les Amis des Chats de Bligny - Fr;
Les chats libres de Plan de Cuques", Bouches du Rhône -Fr;
Collectif pour une Régulation Douce des Pigeons et Protection Animale - Fr;
SOS Animal Tendresse - Fr;
Gualyvo -Radio Protection Animale -Fr;
Association l'Espoir du Chat - Fr;
SOS Animaux de Compagnie - Fr;
Animain - Fr;
Association Sauvons les - Fr;
Association APPAR – La Réunion;
Collectif limousin d'action militante pour les animaux CLAMA - Fr;
CAPPA Comité d'Action Pour la Protection des Animaux - Fr;
Association Planning-Chat - Fr;
CDA - Club de Défense des Animaux - Fr
Association Charly Le Blanc - Fr
La Griffe - Fr
Convention Vie et Nature - Fr
L'Ecole du Chat de Jacou (34) - Fr
Comité Radicalement Anti Corrida CRAC – Fr
La Compagnie des Chats - St Etienne - Fr

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